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Up of the date

Hey all, thought it was about time for an update.

Yes, I've finished at uni, though, I really finished a week and a bit ago but I had a deadline than ran for an extra week. I also had to go back in to choose my next load of modules.

This semester marks the end of all my level two modules now, which I believe is where the degree classification is decided on. There are quite a lot of A's in there so hopefully I'll get something good. :p Still doing my computing project but I've yet to really delve into it. I'm having a little time to relax after all the work I did in the final days of the last semester.

I went to Duragan's house last Saturday, he introduced me to guitar hero, I'm not really very good, I can't move some of my finger correctly and I'm sure I nearly pulled something in my wrist. XD My bad. I tried playing it with my other hand but I played it in reverse to what was on the screen so that was no good either. I'd prolly get it in the end, it'd take ages to get to grips with it though.

I should now be going to visit Smraedis this Saturday coming, I'll have to check up on what's happen with the car. The car that I've only driven once. XD Or if I'll get a lift over there. He only lives half an hour down the motorway so it's not like it's anything too big. However, it does takes hours by bus.

The Saturday after that (31st) it'll be the Main Manchester Furmeet, I've put my nick down for it and will be going, I don't see why not. I've mentioned going to Mum, but I've not told them that it's definitely on. I know it's always on but they just think it's a bunch of college friends I'm meeting. :p
Though I have been pondering telling them that it'll be a meet of Internet peeps, as soon as I've been to blitz-cons and they know what they are, so all I need to do is compare it to one of them.

The week starting the 2nd of June should be the week I start work again if I get a reply from work. I've not heard anything from them yet. Apparently the factory is busy, which of course means that they'll need people over the Summer as people go on holiday. I also need the money or I'm projected to run out by Christmas where I have uni fees to pay and also have to pay membership fees to Linden Labs for Second Life.
I'll find someway out of it, I already have one way, I've amassed a large amount of L$ which could pay off about half of the fees ATM. I think I should be able to get it up quite a lot more by the time it comes to Christmas. :)

Coding stats: not done too much as I've been busy with uni.

  • SDF:IRC, the next release only has one more item on it's road map, it requires a rework of the settings, but once it's done that should be it. The new settings should mean that it's more stable when things go wrong, it's more extensible and can also use more back ends, such as LDAP, HTTP, even SQL if someone were to write code for it. :p ATM, I'm still getting things working on the new branch.

  • Other things, I'm creating a small program for Duragan to hopefully provide him a way to better keep track of his Commissions and what art he owes everyone. I've not done too much on that, I got a class diagram and some designs going. Needs to be coded up though.

  • Something I know I'll never finish as it's a huge job, but I'm doing it out of interest. I'm coding my own web browser, from scratch! XD It may be a silly to do, but it is interesting. So far of course I haven't done much as browsers are a massive thing to do. I've sort of done the core DOM, StyleSheets DOM and the CSS DOM, oh and the views DOM too. Still working on the HTML DOM. Also have the http://, file:// and res:// handlers correctly running (though they need refactoring.) However, I don't currently have a much in the way of parsing. :p I can't until I've got a DOM in which to output the documents anyway.

  • Speaking of parsing I also created a small and untested Second Life protocol reader thingy. :p I also created a tested parser that parses SL's message template.

I guess I've been more productive than I thought. XD

I've just gone and caught up on my emails, that is the ones that've been sorted into my "mail lists" folders, I guess I'll have to catch up with DA properly sometime soon too, I have art dating back to February to look at. :p

Right, that's all I'm going to say.
see ya, SDF
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