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Stuff XVII - Meets and Self-repairing Laptop

Hey all

Thought I'd do another update and I have to change the intro to these types of journals, it's getting rather repetitive. :p

I went out like my previous journals said I would on Saturday to the furmeet. It was a really great time. :D Much better this time due to the weather which was brilliant all day long, though it did rain a little just as we were leaving for the station. :p I dragged Duragan along with me and of course Smraedis was there too. I was surprised by just how many I knew and how many knew me. There was a large turn out too and the drinks were really flowing some people taking several trays of shots, I heard they cost £60 a tray too. I even got to try one. :XD: I stuck to bitters mainly throughout the day. The only thing that was a little bit of a downer was the waiting around for food as nothing was planned.
When we got back from foodage, we all had a relaxing sit down for a chat and I got a few more beers. :XD: We eventually decided to leave and we went to the arcade for a Smraedis Vs Duragan video game fight. :p Smraedis won, but he's been the best in the North-west for a few years in a row and know loads of games inside out several times round.
All in all, a simply awesome time, can't wait for the next one. :)

Oh, yeah, time for silliness now. :XD: After the meet I thought about getting a dinosaur tail, just for the fun of it and joining in some too. I know what some of you say: some will say "weirdo," or "freak" or the like, some will not care and some will think it's cool. :p But it whatever, I think it'd be rather fun to have one made, just need to get the details sorted and find someone.

After that, and if you're still reading you must have an open mind. :p
Moving onto computers, I was cleaning some of my room and managed to fix my speakers so now both of them work, which is great, so now I can hear things on my desktop in stereo. Also I saw my old laptop, which must have broken about 3 years ago now. I thought, well the battery was shot, the back nearly set on fire, but what would happen if I turned it on after all this time. So I plugged it in and turned it on... the power light came on. However, there wasn't anything on the screen. I took it apart and found a wire loose. So plugged that in and fired it up. Windows was all there, despite just about setting on fire. All the hardware still works and it was fine, just the electrical connection is still dodgy, but if you don't move the laptop it stays connected. :)

After poking around in there and finding it rather wonderful like some preserved treasure lost in time. :XD: I thought I'd try the battery too, so put that in and it's charging, I don't know how much charge it'll hold, but we'll see. :)

Today has been so strange with things working again. :)

Well, that'll be all for now.
See ya all,
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