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Hey all! It's blog time. :p

Not done much coding, been on Second Life and browsing around a lot.

I have an idea for Second Life, or my land on Second Life, I'm interested on anyones input on this and looking for interested peoples.
There is a large amount of land near my land which has been up for sale for a while, I looked at it today and got an idea. I could buy it and rent it out.

I've tried to put some details down in my wiki, I'll cover it here a bit too, but there is more in the wiki.
If I was to buy the land I could split it to allow two people to rent on it, or maybe more, it's up to the interested parties things aren't so set in stone at the moment. It would be available cheap and I'm thinking of providing a discount for friends. If people are willing to pay me ahead of time so I can put the money into attaining the land faster that would be great and what you pay in would mean wouldn't have to pay anything to me for a while in rent. Again, I'm looking for interested people, advise and any other comments you wish to post on the matter, no matter how little. :)

Onto matters of real life now. :)
I got my results back from uni, well, I got my results last week but I haven't done a journal till now. :p
Yes, I got two more A grades for my degree. :D The end of this semester marks the last of all my Level 2 modules and I've been told they go to working out the classification of the degree, it should be good they're nearly all A's. :XD: You can tell which ones I code on, basically if it's A I did a lot of programming, if it's lower then I had to do a lot of written work, if it's in the middle I might have had a presentation along with writing a report.

Still waiting for a notification of a job, my Brother and Dad have both said about looking for a job at an IT shop that's just opened down the road. Hehe, I'm not sure. XD

My uni project is going well, I should probably spend more time on it though, I've finished writing an interpreter for reading and executing boolean expressions that was needed. I had a look at some and didn't like them much, they were either too complex for the user, or did too much and not enough of what I wanted them to do. Also I started writing it when I wasn't able to access the Internet and get hold of one, so I made my own. I'm very pleased with it, it's much faster than I thought it would be too, I have a number of JUnits that I run on it to test each feature and the compile time doesn't doesn't even register on the millisecond timer most of the time. I copied it to Linux because its millisec timer really does update once a millisecond and tested it on there, I got some 1ms times, so my compiler compiles any expression pretty much within a millisecond. :) Also it can be saved easily in the compiled form by using object serialization, though I probably won't use that, but the option is there and works. The entire suit of tests take about 0.026 seconds to run, that's compiling and running about 60 expressions and doing all the testing and setting up and stuff. :)
According to my diary I've only spent about 6 half days working on it too. XD

What about home coding?
Yes I can't escape, I've done some more experimentation this week, last week was project work and SDF:IRC.
I made a web template because I was bored. I'll get a link for you. :p
Tested in FF3, IE 8 and Opera whatever version. XD Looks best on firefox, OK on opera and awful in IE.

I made a little tool I call vllookup, basically it allows you to launch a virtual world and teleport to somewhere in it using an URL. So far it only works with Second Life.
If I were to put vllookup in my run box or command prompt it would launch SL and take me to my land. The good thing about it is that it does use the existing DNS system which of course is used all over the Internet and you don't need to make any changes to a DNS server when you add the record.
The downside to it is that I've only made it in Java so when you enter the query you do have to wait a little time for the JVM to start up. I've tried doing it in C but I don't have enough experience to get anything working... yet.

I also had the idea and have been experimenting with an RSS reader, but one that will read it out to you. It's a little too big for me to do though. I've created a simple computer voice from my own, though it can't say much, was only for testing. XD
I did think if it ever did get finished I could allow people to create characters and voices to read the news to them, the idea would be they would say get my voice and SDF for free with the software, but have to pay something for extra characters; so 1/3 goes to me, 1/3 to Duragan for art and 1/3 to the char and voice owner. Meep. :p

This weekend I'll be going over the Smraedis' flat again, for more shark hugs and snuggles. :p It'll be great! ^_^ I miss him even though I saw him like three weeks ago or something.

He went to a con at the weekend too, I didn't go for two or three reasons; it costs money, it's four days long and that's a little too much to explain to parents, it's only an hour away down the road and you have to stay on the premises and of course pay for the room. I didn't realise he was going though or I may have pondered it a little more. :p

Hehe, on Saturday I think it was he went back to his flat and came on line to see how I was doing, I was so happy he did that it gave me a nice feeling inside. :)

Anyway, I think that's all for now.
See ya all,
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