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Second Life Land Rent

Hey all,

I just wanted to say again about that SL rent thing, I've worked out the details of it now,
though I've not purchased the land yet so things could be negotiable.

I've decided to charge L$1000 a month for a 512 sq.m. plot of land, this is for 100 prims.
This is less than LL charge and you don't have to pay for the land itself.

If you require more or less land, or you would like to see the location please contact me, either on IM's (details in profile,) here in comments or in world (StevenSDF Fisher.)

If you're a friend then it will be L$600 per month for a 512 sq.m. plot. :)

The reason I need to see if people are interested is because I need money to be put forward so I can purchase the land required, I'm putting in the most money but need more, this will go toward rent and others have already provided some funds.
The target is L$55,000 I have just over L$30,000 ATM.

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