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Small update | SDF:IRC /server command RFC

Hey all,

Phew I've been busy and un-busy recently. :p

Well the un-busy part is that last week, me, Mum and Dad all went on holiday last week. :)
We stayed in a very nice in near Holy Island next to the A1 called Lindisfarne Inn. If you're thinking of going on holiday near the East cost of England I recommend it, the staff, food, drink and rooms were all so nice and there's plenty of things to do, providing you have a car.

The weather was great while we were there, though the wind was cold at times we visited a number of castles and ruin and saw all the Puffins on the Farne islands. :)

It was a good time. :)

Anyway, now I'm back, I've updated my IRC client again, some quick fixes to the Windows installer (doesn't create a start menu icon) and a crash fix caused by race condition.
This download is under the 0.0.2a release and can be downloaded from from the usual place.

Some things that I've been asked about is the /server command and also about distribution.

The /server command isn't implemented as at least one person has noticed, I didn't put it in because I myself was happy using the File>Connect or setting up a server in the settings so I can easily connect to one or even auto-connect if I want.
One of the other reasons I didn't put the command in is the format, so if you have any more feedback please say. :)

Another topic that came up was Java detection, if you don't have Java installed you can't start SDF:IRC the exe opens a window or has some error.
I've not found (what I think is a) good way to detect Java. Sun do know about this so they created JNLP and Java Web Start (JWS.) JWS uses JNLP which is an XML file telling JWS about the program. I've tried JWS before but found it to be quite, well, broken for I needed I couldn't get it to download the plug-ins separately and there doesn't seem to be anyway that you can register a program to open URLs. Another thing about it I don't like too much is that you have to sign the code, good for security perhaps, but too expensive for me; so because I haven't signed my code or because I use my own signature or use a CA free certificate, it recommends people not to install it.
Not good IMO.
The good thing is that it detects Java versions and runs my client it the correct version, of the version isn't installed it can download it for you, it's cross-platform, it allows packages to be downloaded separately and updated, so saving update sizes and bandwidth, but does to the things above I choose to not use it.

OK, that's all the SDF:IRC stuff done with for now. :p

Another thing I've completed this week is I've made and set up a little access database so I can easily create invoices and manage my land rents in SL.
So tomorrow, invoices will be generated and I shall be sending them out, not that anyone owes me any money yet, but it's for customer records and my records. :p
I'm pleased with how it all works and it was good practice, getting into VBA again and doing all the fancy things with forms. :p

On Tuesday I went around to Smraedis' flat again, we had a lot of fun and we did some cooking again, this time meatballs spaghetti in a tomato source. :)

Anyway, I'll be off, I'll do some more coding or something; I've not got anything planned for today.
See ya,
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