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Larger update than the last one

Hey all,

I thought it time to make another update, it's been about two weeks since my last one. XD
Quite a bit has happened and not happened at the same time, woo zen. :p

Mum and Dad went away on holiday with my Dad's friend and his wife last week, it would have been good, but my brother is here too and while he's OK really, when he's with his friends he just turns into the most rude, ignorant person ever, and it probably isn't helped by the huge amount of booze they knock back, still we only had one argument so it's a definite improvement. Because the house was going be largely empty and Smraedis was going to be coming around that's when I organised a little get together for all my closest friends; Smraedis was there of course, Carl from over the road came along too and we had a pretty good time. Sadly Duragan couldn't attend as he was ill, he'd have really made the the party a party if he'd have come and it'd lasted longer, but what can you do when you're ill.
No worries there's plenty more time and he should be coming around tomorrow too. :)
Mum and Dad have now gone again, this time to visit my sister in Scotland, I couldn't go this time as my brother is off on holiday with his friends to the island of Cos and I have to stay and look after the cats for the weekend.
I might also get to see Smraedis again on Monday, but we're not sure about that yet, since my brother will be away I have full use of the car without having to worry whether he has to use it.

Zooming ahead to next year, I'm all registered and paid up to go to a convention, it's a few years since I last went to a con, them being Blitzcons. However, this will be the first furcon I've ever been to, I've looked at some videos of last year and it looks awesome, so it should be really great fun, and it's held down the road in Manchester too. :p The con is called ConFuzzled BTW, as I've just noticed I've not said the name yet. XD

Onto projects, during the free time I've had to get a lot of coding in as I feel like I'm getting behind with it all, I've been coding away at my uni project the core of it is all done, I decided not to use Swing for the GUI and have instead converted it all to use SWT like SDF:IRC does. :p

As for SDF:IRC, I've made some progress on this too, I've made it so that rather than just setting a server to use SSL or not, you can now tell the client to use SSL on only select ports by prefixing a '+' onto a port number, this is supported in all areas of the client now, so the port list could be like this +6697,6667,7000 where port 6697 uses SSL encryption and the others are just normal IRC connections. Because of this change the settings need to be updated again, this time there is a difference though. If you remember in the 0.0.2a release I'd made the settings more extensible, well now when you start the next release of the client for the first time it will auto-update the server settings for you.
Another thing I've done, I've created a plug-in for my client which does two things: first, it allows the user to add, remove and list client-side ignores, so you can ignore annoying people; secondly, it also has an anti-flood feature in it so the client should auto-ignore anyone flooding you, the defaults still need a good tweaking though, so if you have a setting that you find best, just say and I'll test it out. :p
SDF:IRC should now crash less, not that it did much before anyway, I've fixed a number crash bugs and a large number of possible crash bugs that never saw the light of day. On top of all that, I've removed a load of debugging and refined the messaging system within the client so that it's much faster and more memory efficient now. I monitored the memory usage over 24 hours and at the lowest it was using 2 megs of heap space, this rose to 6 megs as the 25 or so chat consoles filled up (but what amount of memory do other clients use?)

I've redesigned my web site again, I like this template so I think I shall keep this one for a while, I might remove the curvy images on the right, they didn't really export quite right from my GFX package.

Speaking of websites, time for a little grumble at DA, I'm finding the new site difficult to use, I usually view art from my desktop because the screen feels better on my eyes. The problem is, my wireless card tends to overheat and/or the drivers conk out if I download too much at once, it's never usually that bad, except on DA. Hmm, one of my extensions counts DA as having 106 dependencies. Further more, though I like some of the new things in the message center, give me back my check boxes, I want to be able to select more than one thing as a time. That's enough talking about that, it's not like ranting about it in a journal will make any difference anyway. If get really really annoying I may submit some sort of feature request, maybe. :p

Also after about a year out, I may be going back over to FA again,I've started feeling more comfortable looking around recently, since you know who last year.

As usual, I've managed to create a massive journal, well happy reading it, I'll see ya around then. :p

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