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Long Awaited Update

Hey all!
Wow feels like ages since I've last written a journal and it has been too. :p

Well, the thing which caused it would be university, this semester has been so busy I've had practically no free time what so ever, been nearly at breaking point. I think the main reason for getting so behind with things was my Software Engineering module, there was too much work to be done on it and it took all my time up.
Last week I had my exams, after a little revision I think the Software Engineering went quite well, the other exam I had was Advanced Database Systems, I think that went quite well too. However, I wasn't quite fluent when it came to answering the questions and I had to dig around in my memory a little to find the answers. Usually when I'm on an exam, whether I've revised or not the answers come as I read the question.
So now all I can do is wait for my results.
I had my project demonstration and Viva today, it went sort of OK, better than nothing anyway. :p The bus didn't turn up so I was about half an hour late, luckily the tutors waited for me and the room was still free. :) I had trouble accessing my uni home area last night to upload my work. Luckily the presentation uploaded fine. However, when it came to showing my application off the workspace hadn't been stored. But no worries, I took my laptop and was able to show the program on there. :)
So now I'll have to wait for a result there too.

With that behind I'm now on a little holiday between semesters and I'm not back until the 9th of Feb. Next semester should be much easier, I only have one module so I'll be in for a three hour lecture once every week. I'm hoping to get a part-time job with Duragan to fill up the time and help get some of my finances going again. Also I need the work experience, I've only been in a manufacturing environment with a little work in a shop. So it will be much more useful especially in the current financial climate to get the experience since there are more shops around and the manufacturing industry is dieing in this country and has been since the conservatives messed everything up. XD

It's my B-day on Saturday, having a meal and a little bit of a party with duragan, Carl from over the road and Smraedis. :)

I've managed to pick up on coding SDF:IRC again and I've got it close to the next release now. :) I've still got a few things one of which is quite important to iron out, but there should be a new release in the next few weeks if all goes to plan.
I'd say the best new feature in the client is the capability to add plug-ins for formatting and styling in the consoles and I've written an mIRC formatting plug-in, it's working well though there is a bit of a random bug in it somewhere. The good thing about these plug-ins is that is you don't want mIRC colours and formatting them you just need to remove the plug-in from the plug-in folder, or uncheck it in the installer.
I've made a lot of tweaks to the UI as well, trying to sort out the colours and positioning. Also, I've moved the made part of the GUI framework to a new project called Smraedis, Smraedis will be and is a GUI framework which I can use to create UI without having to worry about stuff in SWT too much.

Onto, Second Life, I've only got one plot of land for rent left now, if anyone's interested, first come first serve. :p
Also working on a new house, new for 2009, it's currently floating above the old one and when I get around to it, it'll replace the old one.

Also since it has been a while since I was around, I did have a very good Christmas and a good new year, though most of it I was doing uni work it was still good. Hope you all had good ones too. ^_^

Oh, almost forgot, I have gotten Project Martha underway, for the peeps who are new to reading this or have forgotten, which is likely, :p Martha is the project name for an artist orientated to-do list, mainly for people who have many requests and commissions to work through. I'm currently developing for Duragan but if anyone has input on it I'm happy to listen since I will be releasing it eventually. I've not got far with it because of uni. However, here is the project page.

Thanks and see ya all,

PS. I have a facebook and twitter account now. :p
Facebook: Steven SDF Sulley
Twitter: SDF_of_BC
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