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Much Needed Update

Yay, an update from me. This may be long I haven't updated since the end of January.
I've been getting complaints for not updating.

Well, to tie off things I was talking about in my last blog entry I had a great time on my B-day (that was 31st of Jan) we all played games on my Dad's Wii and had drinks and a meal at a local Indian restaurant, it was great!

After my inter-semester break I started doing my very last module for uni, Client-Server Solutions. It's been a good fun little module, there's only me and a guy named Tom who turn up and we already know so much about the history of computers and have a good understanding that the tutor has been able to go about twice as fast and we've finished a early.

Onto jobs, I'm sure if you've kept track of my facebook or twitter accounts then you will know that I now work for ASDA (A UK super market owned by WalMart,) as a home shopper. It involves walking around the shelves and picking up peoples' on-line shopping. But you have to work fast in order to get the deliveries out on time. It's actually not such a bad job once you get used to it, the pay is better than my previous job and the atmosphere is better.
I submitted my application at the beginning of March and was trying to sort it out through February with the view of getting a job for the Semester to help may my uni fees as I was getting a little low on cash. It didn't quite work out like that though, it took ages for ASDA to get back to me after the interviews and so I didn't have my induction day, or best welcome, until a few weeks ago and then started work, sort of near the end of the semester. Luckily with only having one module, my uni fees were far cheaper than I expected and I had enough money to cover it, despite having no job for about two years.

Surprisingly jobs are like buses, you wait ages and two can come along at once... after I'd submitted my ASDA application I got an email from a tutor about someone seeking a developer for a small project, well I jumped at the chance and hopefully I've not hit my head on anything.
I went for a small interview in the uni's cafe to get the brief on what I needed to do, porting a flash game over to the iPhone. Unfortunately I've not been having much luck here since every time I try to do something Apple have been a pain in the backside, after this I'll probably not want to do any developing on an Apple platform again. Unless it's to get a Java application working.

That's been pretty much it for the last few months, you know how life settles into a routine.

More recently, as in this weekend just gone I went to ConFuzzled, yeah it's a furry convention. Anyway I had a great time!
Me and Smraedis got access only tickets because he told me that he lived around the corner from the venue, it was only later that he told me he in fact lived an hour's walk from it. Not good to be walking through the middle of Salford from Manchester to Eccles at 1am. In fact on the opening night we were attacked by four or five "hoodies," for no reason what so ever. Luckily we managed to get away and had no further problems, though it was a bit scary walking back to his flat after that, walking in silence for an hour with your mind buzzing isn't so fun. I was determined not to let it spoil my time though. :)
We went to a few events, which were loads of fun, I ended up drinking and then singing and dancing a bit in the foyer of the venue nearly every night, I also made some new friends and saw a few people there that I only spoke to on IM. There were also quite a few people there I already knew. I was really worn out after the four day event and can't wait to see what photos, and maybe videos, I will be in. :p

The weather couldn't have been much better either, I got sun burnt it was so sunny and hot, I remember it was like this last year too around this time.

This Saturday I will be out again in Manchester, this time going to the usual meet up, should be good fun again though I may still be worn out. :p

This Friday I have an exam, as you can see I'm revising and not taking time to update a blog. This is a bit of a special exam though, "why is that?" Well because it's the last one of uni and once it's over and done with I will no longer be at uni, on the 10th of July I will be getting presented with my degree and then everyone will have to call me S.I.R Sulley BSc. :p

After I get my degree, well, I'll finish off doing them ports and keep working at ASDA, save up my money for various future events and then start looking for some real work.

So there you are, if you've read this far you've done well and should be up to date with my life. I do try to read what other people get up to if I can, even when I don't comment, I do get busy though.

Thanks for reading,
see ya,
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