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See ya Grandma and Update

Hey all, new blog entry time, I feel. :p

Phew man, it's been some trying times recently. My Grandma has passed away, most of my friends know that already, we had the funeral on Tuesday, 28th; well as you could imagine there were plenty of tears, my granddad can hardly cope and the vicar did a very good job. Also, I noticed the Lord's prayer used there is the one I know off by heart, a lot of other places I've had to say it, including in my little bible I got from school, it has a different version. I prefer the one I know, the words just flow off your tongue easier than some of the others.

Anyway, the mood was lifted a bit when we got to the crematorium, my Grandma's music of choice was Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, it really put a smile on our faces, just what Grandma wanted.

Moving on from that, I've now worked for twelve weeks at ASDA, I feel I'm starting to fit in now, I was really hyper last week for some reason, I have no idea what caused it. XD In my other work, I've been trying to understand this other guys code, it is rather cryptic, with no comments and all the variable names near enough just three characters long which barely have any meaning. Yesterday on the drive back from Leicester I had a good look over the code again and I feel I'm starting to understand what it's going on about. :p

One of my personal project, the WhatPulse Banners and Signature Images site, has been going well too. I've been working on this because I've still got people trying to use it even though I've put in bold letters that it's not ready to be used on the front page, it is about the most popular part of my web site now.
I've got the background image uploads working and soon I shall be getting the banner creation, editing and deleting all working. Currently only blank banners are created because I need to write the JavaScript to add new stats to the banners. Of the JS I have written, you can delete stats from your banner, that was the easiest thing to code. XD
I will also need to provide a preview which can be updated maybe using JS again.

Just this morning I had someone just register on there, upload a background and try to create a banner, despite the big red box saying the page isn't functional, and is under construction.

Oh well, what can you do. XD

Ah yes and one last thing before I finish, I'm setting up a OpenSim Simulator on my server, which is going to be attached to a grid called Aries, this is going to be a grid for use by members of the United Space Force, all going well it should be running soon. I was surprised when the grid admin said about using precompiled versions for windows to make things easier. I don't know about on windows, but it's really easy to compile on Linux. Just svn update && make that's it.

Well, that's about it for this update, I just need to keep working on, with both jobs and my projects.

I'll see ya,
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