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Hey guys and gals, I thought I'd have a go at writing a blog post since I've not done it since the end of July. Which was a blog saying about stuff and my Grandma's funeral. Probably not the best post to leave up, hmm?

So what has this dino been up to? Lots and not lots, but lots indeed. :p
I like to make sense like that. I've done a lot in terms of some of my codings and what I've been up to recently, I've not done a lot in terms of interesting job wise, since I still have my job at ASDA and it's been very very busy over Christmas, luckily the workload is dropping back off now so I feel like I have some of my life coming back and also time for other jobs I need to do.

So, looking through my twitter (SDF_of_BC) I can view all the rubbish I've been up to. One of the first things I posted since my last blog is that I upgraded the RAM in my laptop, bringing it up from one gig to four, it does run a lot smoother now, another thing that happened in September is that the three year anti-virus subscription I got from Dell expired, I couldn't wait to get McAfee off the thing. I just think them 'all in one' pieces of software are annoying and bloated, my laptop had a new lease of life after uninstalling that and installing AVG and a separate firewall. The two of them work much better. :)
Sadly my laptop is currently out of action, so I've not been able to get on-line as often as I used too, the power supply started making strange noises and stopped working. My Dad ordered a new one just before Christmas and it's still not arrived, Dad's written to Amazon and they're in talks about what to do. :p
In any case I can't wait get my laptop back and get fully back onto the Internet. Still it's been fun using my Linux desktop computer more.

Talking about my Linux desktop, I got an old GFX card off my Dad to use in it since the one it came with had some driver issues that ATi were trying to fix, but I got bored of waiting. My Dad gave me an old nVidia card and it worked fine until about a month ago when the fan on it started to make a huge racket. Yesterday before I started some of my coding work I swapped that card for a newer one that was in one of the desktops downstairs, so my desktop now has a GeForce 7300 GT in it, it's much happier now. Next I'll have to try and find some free RAM as the desktop only came with 512MB stick. Even with the low memory it still manages to do more than windows and keep it's speed. XD

Hopefully I'll soon have my laptop back anyway, so I'll not have to worry about memory things. :p

Anywho back to my twitter for the next subject... ConFuzzled, I'm so there. XD Been paid up now for about 6 months and have a room with Smraedis, it sounds like many of my friends will be going to this con too, more than previously. I've also made new friends who are going. ^_^

Continuing in the whole con and meet thing I went to the last November Manchester main meet, I booked a day off work so I could sleep over in Manchester and stay as late as I wanted. :) I was a disappointed that Duragan couldn't go, but he had to fix a shed roof. I think I've expressed how disappointed I was already, so I'll not go into this much further. It was a good meet, the weather was the main let down I think, it was so cold that me and Smraedis decided to leave early, but then we saw Stuart and we stayed an extra hour, but still when we left it was early. I also got to meet Jeet, who I've been chatting with quite a lot on-line, he was terribly shy and didn't move from out the corner much, heh. The main difference I found at this time was that even more people greeted me, and I was greeted with a fair few hugs and one nomming, a little more than just the usual hellos. :p

Lets hope the next Manchester meet is just as good and that the weather is warm and Sunny like it has been the previous few years. I still have to book the time off work for the Sunday after that, the recovery day. :p

So talking of holidays, this year I should be going on a cruise around the Mediterranean, since it's cheaper to go two by two I'm taking Smraedis along with me, I just hope he can afford it. It should be a real good time anyways, the last cruise I went on was too awesome for words.

Continuing talking about holidays, I have a bit of a problem with holiday hours at work, I'm supposed to use them all up by the end of March I think it is. However, last year I had no need to use much of my holiday, so I ended up taking one day off. Now this means I likely have over 100 hours of holiday to get rid of, I won't know until my next pay slip. Luckily I have managed to get two weeks off for my B-day, two weeks of holiday comes to 48 hours off, so I've managed to get rid of half the hours anyway, still there's a lot to get rid of and I don't think I'll be able to... oops. XD This year I shall have to spread my holiday out a lot more. :) Also use it to visit friends and get other tasks done.

*Phew,* I feel like I've typed a lot, but there is still more! I'll just leave out some things. :p

Onto coding projects then? Well, I've been working a little more on SDF:IRC, did quite some work on the plug-in framework and a little bit on UI and made lots of optimisations; mIRC colours and formatting work, links to URLs and #channels work, also I wrote some API so that it can be expanded using plug-ins.
Now when a message comes into the client it is handed to a message handler, this plug-in takes actions on the message and then sends it to a console if need be and the CTCP handler too. The console will find a text provider which obviously composes the text to be printed to the console, after that the console passes the text and message around the formatting plug-ins which decode mIRC formatting, ANSI etc. then it's passed around the link plug-ins which create click-able area of text on the console such as web links and channel links. It's still really fast even doing all that. :p

Also been working on that iPhone app a lot and also I'm trying out writing a facebook app. In fact the facebook app is nearly ready, but I need to work on other things so it's on the back burner for the moment. Facebook is quite easy to code with so it's only taken a week or two to get a near working app, also I already know HTML, PHP, SQL and JS. I just had to learn FBML which isn't hard it's almost like XHTML.

I also hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's, for Christmas I got clothes and also the new red dwarf box set, plus the Back to Earth one they did for Dave. :) It's been a good Christmas this one just passed. :)

Hopefully once I have my laptop back I'll be more active again, it's one of my intentions. I've also been thinking about doing a little drawing again, for now, I need to go and have a shower.

SDF signing off.
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