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Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

Well, I guess that's saying something. :p
Strangely enough I'd agree I have them symptoms and the summaries fit me, but I don't think I'm Histrionic or Narcissistic.

Small update | SDF:IRC /server command RFC

Hey all,

Phew I've been busy and un-busy recently. :p

Well the un-busy part is that last week, me, Mum and Dad all went on holiday last week. :)
We stayed in a very nice in near Holy Island next to the A1 called Lindisfarne Inn. If you're thinking of going on holiday near the East cost of England I recommend it, the staff, food, drink and rooms were all so nice and there's plenty of things to do, providing you have a car.

The weather was great while we were there, though the wind was cold at times we visited a number of castles and ruin and saw all the Puffins on the Farne islands. :)

It was a good time. :)

Anyway, now I'm back, I've updated my IRC client again, some quick fixes to the Windows installer (doesn't create a start menu icon) and a crash fix caused by race condition.
This download is under the 0.0.2a release and can be downloaded from from the usual place.

Some things that I've been asked about is the /server command and also about distribution.

The /server command isn't implemented as at least one person has noticed, I didn't put it in because I myself was happy using the File>Connect or setting up a server in the settings so I can easily connect to one or even auto-connect if I want.
One of the other reasons I didn't put the command in is the format, so if you have any more feedback please say. :)

Another topic that came up was Java detection, if you don't have Java installed you can't start SDF:IRC the exe opens a window or has some error.
I've not found (what I think is a) good way to detect Java. Sun do know about this so they created JNLP and Java Web Start (JWS.) JWS uses JNLP which is an XML file telling JWS about the program. I've tried JWS before but found it to be quite, well, broken for I needed I couldn't get it to download the plug-ins separately and there doesn't seem to be anyway that you can register a program to open URLs. Another thing about it I don't like too much is that you have to sign the code, good for security perhaps, but too expensive for me; so because I haven't signed my code or because I use my own signature or use a CA free certificate, it recommends people not to install it.
Not good IMO.
The good thing is that it detects Java versions and runs my client it the correct version, of the version isn't installed it can download it for you, it's cross-platform, it allows packages to be downloaded separately and updated, so saving update sizes and bandwidth, but does to the things above I choose to not use it.

OK, that's all the SDF:IRC stuff done with for now. :p

Another thing I've completed this week is I've made and set up a little access database so I can easily create invoices and manage my land rents in SL.
So tomorrow, invoices will be generated and I shall be sending them out, not that anyone owes me any money yet, but it's for customer records and my records. :p
I'm pleased with how it all works and it was good practice, getting into VBA again and doing all the fancy things with forms. :p

On Tuesday I went around to Smraedis' flat again, we had a lot of fun and we did some cooking again, this time meatballs spaghetti in a tomato source. :)

Anyway, I'll be off, I'll do some more coding or something; I've not got anything planned for today.
See ya,

SL Land update and SDF:IRC v0.0.2a pre-release out

Hey all,

No this isn't a really long life update, it is to announce two things.
First to get it out the way quickly, I have purchased that land on Second Life for renting out, the reason I'm going over it quickly? It's already full up.
Yeah, I have put three 512 plots on there and I'm keeping land bit of land as "fallow," still if anyone is interested, please ask because the dust hasn't settled yet.

Second of all and this is the big part, SDF:IRC, my IRC chat client has a new pre-release, 0.0.2a.
Download it here, don't know your version? Just start the client the welcome page should detect your version and point you to the D/L page.
The change logs are below or a more detailed one with links is available at http://bugs.sdf.me.uk/changelog_page.php .

Two new features that people should like, my client now supports SSL encrypted connections and the tabs now highlight. As a consequence of the highlighting tabs I have to provide my own SWT libraries and build them myself however I have build ones for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This is the first time I've done all three.
A note about the Linux package, I've made a small script called start.sh it will try the Java command. However, if you want to use a different version you can point to a different directory by setting the variable at top of the script the Java directory of your choice. Example: JAVA_PATH="/usr/java/latest"
Also if you add it to your KDE menu you need to set the Work Path to the same place as the script.

For the Mac OS X version, it's untested. I don't have a mac at all so I can't test it, but assuming that you still have bash on Mac OS X I've used the same script, opening the Jar should work too.
Also for the Mac, I've attempted to create an *.app package. That is very untested I don't expect it to work, but if you want to poke around in the untested directory and try and give me some tips and fixes, I'm open to them. :p

Change Log:
SDF:IRC - 0.0.2a
- 0000175: [GUI] Plug-in buttons do not work (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000153: [Settings] Better handling of default settings (StevenSDF) - resolved.
 - 0000152: [Settings] Window maximized state not saved. (StevenSDF) - resolved.
 - 0000176: [Settings] Window position and size are not stored (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000170: [Channel] Channel and chan user modes, or modes with and without parameters causes parse problems. (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000166: [GUI] Clean up of wizard API (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000151: [Other] Splash Image to big (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000159: [Other] Support of SSL Connections (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000164: [GUI] Should make the dialog box for joining servers appear in the middle of the screen (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000162: [Channel] Changing name with /nick doesn't update my name in the side bar (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000158: [Protocol] Detect what charsets are being used (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000155: [GUI] Giving focus to a console doesn't stop scrolling (StevenSDF) - resolved.
- 0000154: [GUI] Links in consoles don't give focus back to the text field (StevenSDF) - resolved.

Known Issues:
0000182 Clicking the task links in the welcome tab doesn't work until the page is refreshed in Linux (possibly Mac)
Its seems to be when the client is using Mozilla, Fire Fox or XUL Runner to render the page. However, IE seems to be OK here.

0000181 The perform buffer never gets run if the server does not provide a network name.
Some servers don't use RPL_ISUPPORT, numeric 005, which usually contains something like NETWORK=Name.

Please report any problems/bugs/improvements to me, or even better sign up to my tracker and use that so I can keep track easier. http://bugs.sdf.me.uk/

Second Life Land Rent

Hey all,

I just wanted to say again about that SL rent thing, I've worked out the details of it now,
though I've not purchased the land yet so things could be negotiable.

I've decided to charge L$1000 a month for a 512 sq.m. plot of land, this is for 100 prims.
This is less than LL charge and you don't have to pay for the land itself.

If you require more or less land, or you would like to see the location please contact me, either on IM's (details in profile,) here in comments or in world (StevenSDF Fisher.)

If you're a friend then it will be L$600 per month for a 512 sq.m. plot. :)

The reason I need to see if people are interested is because I need money to be put forward so I can purchase the land required, I'm putting in the most money but need more, this will go toward rent and others have already provided some funds.
The target is L$55,000 I have just over L$30,000 ATM.


(no subject)

Hey all! It's blog time. :p

Not done much coding, been on Second Life and browsing around a lot.

I have an idea for Second Life, or my land on Second Life, I'm interested on anyones input on this and looking for interested peoples.
There is a large amount of land near my land which has been up for sale for a while, I looked at it today and got an idea. I could buy it and rent it out.

I've tried to put some details down in my wiki, I'll cover it here a bit too, but there is more in the wiki.
If I was to buy the land I could split it to allow two people to rent on it, or maybe more, it's up to the interested parties things aren't so set in stone at the moment. It would be available cheap and I'm thinking of providing a discount for friends. If people are willing to pay me ahead of time so I can put the money into attaining the land faster that would be great and what you pay in would mean wouldn't have to pay anything to me for a while in rent. Again, I'm looking for interested people, advise and any other comments you wish to post on the matter, no matter how little. :)

Onto matters of real life now. :)
I got my results back from uni, well, I got my results last week but I haven't done a journal till now. :p
Yes, I got two more A grades for my degree. :D The end of this semester marks the last of all my Level 2 modules and I've been told they go to working out the classification of the degree, it should be good they're nearly all A's. :XD: You can tell which ones I code on, basically if it's A I did a lot of programming, if it's lower then I had to do a lot of written work, if it's in the middle I might have had a presentation along with writing a report.

Still waiting for a notification of a job, my Brother and Dad have both said about looking for a job at an IT shop that's just opened down the road. Hehe, I'm not sure. XD

My uni project is going well, I should probably spend more time on it though, I've finished writing an interpreter for reading and executing boolean expressions that was needed. I had a look at some and didn't like them much, they were either too complex for the user, or did too much and not enough of what I wanted them to do. Also I started writing it when I wasn't able to access the Internet and get hold of one, so I made my own. I'm very pleased with it, it's much faster than I thought it would be too, I have a number of JUnits that I run on it to test each feature and the compile time doesn't doesn't even register on the millisecond timer most of the time. I copied it to Linux because its millisec timer really does update once a millisecond and tested it on there, I got some 1ms times, so my compiler compiles any expression pretty much within a millisecond. :) Also it can be saved easily in the compiled form by using object serialization, though I probably won't use that, but the option is there and works. The entire suit of tests take about 0.026 seconds to run, that's compiling and running about 60 expressions and doing all the testing and setting up and stuff. :)
According to my diary I've only spent about 6 half days working on it too. XD

What about home coding?
Yes I can't escape, I've done some more experimentation this week, last week was project work and SDF:IRC.
I made a web template because I was bored. I'll get a link for you. :p http://www.sdf.me.uk/~steven/stuff/webTemplate/
Tested in FF3, IE 8 and Opera whatever version. XD Looks best on firefox, OK on opera and awful in IE.

I made a little tool I call vllookup, basically it allows you to launch a virtual world and teleport to somewhere in it using an URL. So far it only works with Second Life.
If I were to put vllookup vland.sdf.me.uk in my run box or command prompt it would launch SL and take me to my land. The good thing about it is that it does use the existing DNS system which of course is used all over the Internet and you don't need to make any changes to a DNS server when you add the record.
The downside to it is that I've only made it in Java so when you enter the query you do have to wait a little time for the JVM to start up. I've tried doing it in C but I don't have enough experience to get anything working... yet.

I also had the idea and have been experimenting with an RSS reader, but one that will read it out to you. It's a little too big for me to do though. I've created a simple computer voice from my own, though it can't say much, was only for testing. XD
I did think if it ever did get finished I could allow people to create characters and voices to read the news to them, the idea would be they would say get my voice and SDF for free with the software, but have to pay something for extra characters; so 1/3 goes to me, 1/3 to Duragan for art and 1/3 to the char and voice owner. Meep. :p

This weekend I'll be going over the Smraedis' flat again, for more shark hugs and snuggles. :p It'll be great! ^_^ I miss him even though I saw him like three weeks ago or something.

He went to a con at the weekend too, I didn't go for two or three reasons; it costs money, it's four days long and that's a little too much to explain to parents, it's only an hour away down the road and you have to stay on the premises and of course pay for the room. I didn't realise he was going though or I may have pondered it a little more. :p

Hehe, on Saturday I think it was he went back to his flat and came on line to see how I was doing, I was so happy he did that it gave me a nice feeling inside. :)

Anyway, I think that's all for now.
See ya all,

Stuff XVII - Meets and Self-repairing Laptop

Hey all

Thought I'd do another update and I have to change the intro to these types of journals, it's getting rather repetitive. :p

I went out like my previous journals said I would on Saturday to the furmeet. It was a really great time. :D Much better this time due to the weather which was brilliant all day long, though it did rain a little just as we were leaving for the station. :p I dragged Duragan along with me and of course Smraedis was there too. I was surprised by just how many I knew and how many knew me. There was a large turn out too and the drinks were really flowing some people taking several trays of shots, I heard they cost £60 a tray too. I even got to try one. :XD: I stuck to bitters mainly throughout the day. The only thing that was a little bit of a downer was the waiting around for food as nothing was planned.
When we got back from foodage, we all had a relaxing sit down for a chat and I got a few more beers. :XD: We eventually decided to leave and we went to the arcade for a Smraedis Vs Duragan video game fight. :p Smraedis won, but he's been the best in the North-west for a few years in a row and know loads of games inside out several times round.
All in all, a simply awesome time, can't wait for the next one. :)

Oh, yeah, time for silliness now. :XD: After the meet I thought about getting a dinosaur tail, just for the fun of it and joining in some too. I know what some of you say: some will say "weirdo," or "freak" or the like, some will not care and some will think it's cool. :p But it whatever, I think it'd be rather fun to have one made, just need to get the details sorted and find someone.

After that, and if you're still reading you must have an open mind. :p
Moving onto computers, I was cleaning some of my room and managed to fix my speakers so now both of them work, which is great, so now I can hear things on my desktop in stereo. Also I saw my old laptop, which must have broken about 3 years ago now. I thought, well the battery was shot, the back nearly set on fire, but what would happen if I turned it on after all this time. So I plugged it in and turned it on... the power light came on. However, there wasn't anything on the screen. I took it apart and found a wire loose. So plugged that in and fired it up. Windows was all there, despite just about setting on fire. All the hardware still works and it was fine, just the electrical connection is still dodgy, but if you don't move the laptop it stays connected. :)

After poking around in there and finding it rather wonderful like some preserved treasure lost in time. :XD: I thought I'd try the battery too, so put that in and it's charging, I don't know how much charge it'll hold, but we'll see. :)

Today has been so strange with things working again. :)

Well, that'll be all for now.
See ya all,

Up of the date

Hey all, thought it was about time for an update.

Yes, I've finished at uni, though, I really finished a week and a bit ago but I had a deadline than ran for an extra week. I also had to go back in to choose my next load of modules.

This semester marks the end of all my level two modules now, which I believe is where the degree classification is decided on. There are quite a lot of A's in there so hopefully I'll get something good. :p Still doing my computing project but I've yet to really delve into it. I'm having a little time to relax after all the work I did in the final days of the last semester.

I went to Duragan's house last Saturday, he introduced me to guitar hero, I'm not really very good, I can't move some of my finger correctly and I'm sure I nearly pulled something in my wrist. XD My bad. I tried playing it with my other hand but I played it in reverse to what was on the screen so that was no good either. I'd prolly get it in the end, it'd take ages to get to grips with it though.

I should now be going to visit Smraedis this Saturday coming, I'll have to check up on what's happen with the car. The car that I've only driven once. XD Or if I'll get a lift over there. He only lives half an hour down the motorway so it's not like it's anything too big. However, it does takes hours by bus.

The Saturday after that (31st) it'll be the Main Manchester Furmeet, I've put my nick down for it and will be going, I don't see why not. I've mentioned going to Mum, but I've not told them that it's definitely on. I know it's always on but they just think it's a bunch of college friends I'm meeting. :p
Though I have been pondering telling them that it'll be a meet of Internet peeps, as soon as I've been to blitz-cons and they know what they are, so all I need to do is compare it to one of them.

The week starting the 2nd of June should be the week I start work again if I get a reply from work. I've not heard anything from them yet. Apparently the factory is busy, which of course means that they'll need people over the Summer as people go on holiday. I also need the money or I'm projected to run out by Christmas where I have uni fees to pay and also have to pay membership fees to Linden Labs for Second Life.
I'll find someway out of it, I already have one way, I've amassed a large amount of L$ which could pay off about half of the fees ATM. I think I should be able to get it up quite a lot more by the time it comes to Christmas. :)

Coding stats: not done too much as I've been busy with uni.

  • SDF:IRC, the next release only has one more item on it's road map, it requires a rework of the settings, but once it's done that should be it. The new settings should mean that it's more stable when things go wrong, it's more extensible and can also use more back ends, such as LDAP, HTTP, even SQL if someone were to write code for it. :p ATM, I'm still getting things working on the new branch.

  • Other things, I'm creating a small program for Duragan to hopefully provide him a way to better keep track of his Commissions and what art he owes everyone. I've not done too much on that, I got a class diagram and some designs going. Needs to be coded up though.

  • Something I know I'll never finish as it's a huge job, but I'm doing it out of interest. I'm coding my own web browser, from scratch! XD It may be a silly to do, but it is interesting. So far of course I haven't done much as browsers are a massive thing to do. I've sort of done the core DOM, StyleSheets DOM and the CSS DOM, oh and the views DOM too. Still working on the HTML DOM. Also have the http://, file:// and res:// handlers correctly running (though they need refactoring.) However, I don't currently have a much in the way of parsing. :p I can't until I've got a DOM in which to output the documents anyway.

  • Speaking of parsing I also created a small and untested Second Life protocol reader thingy. :p I also created a tested parser that parses SL's message template.

I guess I've been more productive than I thought. XD

I've just gone and caught up on my emails, that is the ones that've been sorted into my "mail lists" folders, I guess I'll have to catch up with DA properly sometime soon too, I have art dating back to February to look at. :p

Right, that's all I'm going to say.
see ya, SDF
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Something Weird

Because krakendwaggin did it:

Your LJ Slut Stats!
Out of your 35 friends, percentages you have:



seen shirtless

seen naked

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Get your LJ Slut Stats!

Lol net sex
Not many I've done anything with are actually on LJ. :p

I'm going to go hide now, and do more coursework.
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As a few people have done this:

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You do not experience strong, irresistible cravings and consequently do not find yourself tempted to overindulge, however you experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. You tend not to talk much and prefer to let others control the activities of groups. You prefer familiar routines and for things to stay the same. You can tend to feel uncomfortable with change. You do not like to claim that you are better than other people, and generally shy from talking yourself up, however you mostly assume that people are honest and fair, however you are wary and hold back from trusting people completely. You are a reasonably organized person and like to have a certain amount of routine in your life.

Take a Personality Test now or view the full Personality Report.

The best ugg Boots.

I'm sure I've done this, or something like this before, so I'll try and dig it up.
So I have, over a year ago: http://sdf-of-bc.livejournal.com/21230.html

Comparing the two, I haven't changed much, extroversion and neuroticism have gone down some.

That quiz commissioned by the conservative party. :p

Apparently I feel very vulnerable, at least that explains why I like to be close to people I like and get lots of hugs off them. XD
"You are generally calm, although some situations can make you feel anxious or tense. You feel enraged when things do not go your way. You are sensitive about being treated fairly and feel resentful and bitter if you think you are being cheated. You tend to lack energy and have difficult initiating activities. You are sensitive about what others think of you. Your concern about rejection and ridicule cause you to feel shy and uncomfortable around others. You are easily embarrassed and often feel ashamed. Your fears that others will criticize or make fun of you are exaggerated and unrealistic, but your awkwardness and discomfort may make these fears a self-fulfilling prophecy. You do not experience strong, irresistible cravings and consequently do not find yourself tempted to overindulge. You experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress."
That's quite accurate. :p
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(no subject)

Hey, I'm in a talkative mood today, I've been so noisy in uni this morning and talking to just about anyone. XD The "little" in the title may very quickly role away. :p

Just an update on what I'm doing really, several things, as usual. :)

Yes, I haven't been on line much this week well with pre-releasing SDF:IRC and getting one or two positive responses back from it, it has inspired me to work more and with greater speed too. The greater speed part is very important, without that I'd never be able to do it and my assignment work at the same time.

Thinking about it there is a large difference between working on my assignments and the IRC client, which is more production grade, where as the assignments tend to be little programs that show off things like data structures and algorithms and object orientated design. Yes I have to get them big words in there. :p

So what have I done for SDF:IRC pre-release 0.05a? Well I've done quite a few things that I've been putting on hold for a while.
One is coloured tabs; you may think this would be easy, but if you look at the version I put out last week you should notice only the tree items on the left highlight. The reason for this is that the tabs don't support it, you can set a selected colour and an unselected colour, which is drawn with the entire folder and not in the individual tabs.
So, I downloaded the SWT source code and altered it and spent ages perfecting the colouring of the tabs, it was a bit of a pain as the tabs are all curvy and on top of that the previous or next tab may have to be drawn in the currently drawn tabs space. That last thing sounds complex. XD Well there is something else, some tabs don't get drawn at all when the tabber becomes full, it only shows recently used tabs. So I have to loop through in either direction to get a visible tab and check if it has a colour set on it or not. Anyway the results are neat and well, look for yourselves: SDF:IRC Coloured Tabs

The only downside to the above tabs is that in order for you get SDF:IRC working on other platforms (if you don't use windows atm, or linux/macs in the future,) then you'd need to get my patch and apply it to the code first, or just let me do all the work. :p

The other thing I've done is abstracted and reimplemented all the networking using the java.nio API, this will hopefully give the networking speed a boost, in case it wasn't fast enough already. :p

I then extended the above networking layer and implemented non-blocking SSL encryption. Woo. Yeah, this was a biggy that some people wanted me to support, well it's experimental, but it is in there. I've tested it and it works on my server. :p Now you can chat and no one with a packet sniffer can sneak in and take a peak, The good thing is, I don't see any slow down in net speed with this either, though I was testing on my local network.

Yep so two big things to look out for in the upcoming SDF:IRC. :p

What else did I do?

Well at the weekend I coded two new applets, because I got bored with my assignments some. I give you: I give you, the crummy airport simulator! Yeah you can't interact with it or anything, but it was good multi-threading practice with thread synchronization on data structures, as my tutor said. :p
The second is better: Button Run! Can you click that button, yes it is possible. XD

I told you the little would go pretty fast. I've been busy this week. :p

See ya!