SDF:IRC Pre-Release Version for Windows

Hey all

Well, here's an early release of SDF:IRC.
You can download it via an installer or in a zip file.

Please note that this is a test version, a pre-release, not everything is in there and it may not be totally stable.

What is SDF:IRC?
SDF:IRC is an IRC client, it allows you to connect to IRC chat networks and communicate in chat rooms (channels) or in private messages if need be.

What is IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, this is so because a network of servers are used to relay chat messages to all the users in channels. Where as other chat programs and protocols may focus around a friends list, IRC doesn't, in IRC you find networks and channels that are of interest to you, then join them using /join [channelname]. You can find out more about IRC at #IRChelp it includes guides for people from newbie to advanced users.

Helping with SDF:IRC
Well, hopefully you'll be downloading this to help me out.
The best way to do that is request features and report bugs at the tracker. You'll need to sign up first. Also look around and comment on what other people have reported and requested, duplicating reports slows things down. Reproducing bugs so that less testing is required by me will speed things up.
I'm also a little in need of someone writing the help documentation for SDF:IRC, it's somewhat lacking at the moment. It would help if this person knows how to create and edit pages using DocuWiki Though it's easy enough to learn.

Things to Know
* The settings file will be in the user's home area, on windows this should be something like C:\Documents and Settings\[your Username]\.sdfirc.xml

* You can reset to defaults by deleting the settings file and running SDF:IRC or by the defaults and placing the file in the folder and renaming it.

* You can find the debug log in there too, named as .sdfirc.log
This log will be very useful if SDF:IRC crashes and can be uploaded or copied and pasted into the tracker.

* Double clicking on Blitzed under Other Servers will cause the client to connect to the client's own chat room where you can chat with me and fellow users. Linky.

* Don't forget to alter the settings first, to set up your nickname. Or you'll be called "user#"

Easter: Friends, Family :p and Release SDF:IRC?

Hey all,

I though it was about time I tell you what I've been up to, I know you're all so interested. XD

Right, yes, early Easter this year; well it's been a good one, the first week I went around to Duragan's, the next week, mrawr shark visited and we made my badge and started his. Then last Wednesday Duragan came around here. :) This weekend it was my Sister's B-day, so we all went up to Scotland and went out for a meal. However, she didn't have a clue that we were coming, you should have seen her face, she was absolutely overwhelmed, completely stupefied. :p It was a good meal, I have a little too much to drink though by the end of the night. XD

What was even more weird was I wouldn't get served to begin with, I didn't take my ID. I'm 22 and you have to be over 18 to drink here. My brother is actually 3 days younger than that and still gets served. Ah well, when he's all wrinkly and old looking, I'll still look great. :p

As well as working on uni projects I got some more time to work on my own projects, namely SDF:IRC, I gave a copy to Duragan to test out and it works! I thought it would, but it's best to test. :p
Shortly after I gave D. a copy, which was only a zip file; I packaged it up properly and made an installer using NSIS. It surprised me at how easy it was, I have an IDE plug-in for Eclipse and it basically did everything for me. Also to help in the launching of the program I've written a small program in VB and a batch file. Basically, you launch everything using the VB program, but if you want a console open, run the batch file.

I've been pondering an early release of SDF:IRC, just to "get it out there," if you know what I mean. :p
ATM I've only got the windows version. However, if you get the zipped version all you need to do is take out the windows SWT libraries and replace them with mac or Linux libs, replace the exe and bat with a shell script that does the same and you can run it just the same.

Currently I'm working on creating some dynamic menus, this means plug-ins will be able to add menus and menu items to the window's menus. ATM they're static and can't be added to. The context menu on the channel consoles is completely dynamic, if you stop the CTCP and User Command plug-ins you should find no menu items will appear on it. Also on the CTCP side of things, I've done a little bit implementing DCC, only DCC CHAT ATM. In true nature of DCC it prolly won't work if you have a firewall or NAT turned on somewhere. It's going to be hell getting the DCC file transfers in. Other things missing are mIRC colours, ANSI colours, CTCP formatting and colours. No logging of chat yet, not all of the plug-in installing, removing and auto starting works yet, it just starts them all. :p

However, with all the missing stuff, I still manage to be able to use it day to day. Oh yeah and it currently only decodes and encodes message in UTF-8 (most support that now,) I'm working on code that will cause it to detect the encodings.

Ah yes I have my work cut out, but I can use it fine. :p


Hello, welcome all to an extra long journal from me. XD
I have a lot to write about things have been happening, I should have written this last week, but I've been busy.

Well, the last Tuesday in February saw me embarking on a holiday. Something else also happened then, I'll get to it later. :p
It was my Uncle's 60th and he wanted to go to Ireland for it. All well and good. However, instead of waiting for Easter when things would be open and there would be better weather, and there would be time off from school and uni, no he went and booked it right in the middle of the term. XD
Still it was a good time. The weather was a bit uncertain, some days it was hailing and the hail was flying in parallel with the ground, the wind was cold too, arctic. However, we got to the pub in the end. :D
Yes, pretty much we went to the pub everyday, how good is that? Of course we also had to drink Guinness too, we found a really good pub, as we went around and visited other parts of Ireland, places about the ring of Kerry, we went to other pubs, but the Guinness wasn't as nice as it was in this one pub, if I remember the name, I'll have to give it, and give them some kudos. We also had breakfast there on most mornings, I tried my first black puddings, they're not bad, saying as what's in them. :p The white pudding was very nice too, I'm sure it was called a white pudding. :p
The plane ride was nice though, we flew from the East-midlands Airport as that's where most of my family are, and we met up there and got the flight together. My Sister and her BF (some know him as RossC, if you're in the Blitz community,) flew in from Scotland more directly, it was a good flight and it was nice and sunny, coming back was OK too, it was very cloudy though, you couldn't see much out the window other than fluffy fields of rippling cloud that went off into the horizon.
This trip also highlighted how much my family like to drink, it really did. :p While on holiday every day for a week we had between 2-4 pints of Guinness (ladies had halves,) on top of that where we were staying we had about half a bottle of wine each and after that some of the others had a bottle of Jameson's. XD Hmm, well we were on holiday. :p

The Tuesday night before flying out I went to sleep at my Grandparent's place, they have a large house and me and my Mum and Dad stayed there to sleep, though come one O'clock, we were pretty much all awake, you'll know what it is if you're in the UK. :p ZOMG Earthquake. XD I remember waking up and just hearing the rumbling, I thought it was a jet aircraft going over the house at first, (G&G live next to a flight path,) but then of course things started shaking all the pipes and radiator clanging away and you could here all the pots tingling. For some reason there was a light outside that was flashing on and off. I knew what it was pretty much straight away as I was woken by the smaller tremor we had a few years ago. My Dad jumped out of bed screaming because he was still dreaming, lol. Not sure what my Mum thought, my Grandma thought Granddad had rolled over in bed and Granddad didn't even wake. XD

There wasn't really any damage to anything, everything moved, but, if everything moves relative to each other then, nothing will fall down. :p
There was a Church closed because it's spire cracked, a few chimney pots fell in places, one person got injured by one as it crashed onto their bed, or something.

Back home after the holiday you could tell things had moved, I quickly readjusted a few things in my room. I haven't bothered cleaning my cupboard, all the boxes fell down, and I had them all neatly stacked up too. :s My brother, who stayed in the house, had to fix a kitchen cupboard door as it fell off its hinges. That's really about all, it gave me some excitement for a few days anyway. XD

So after the excitement of all that, now we have really really had weather hitting the UK. Over the weekend the met office basically up the entire UK in a sever weather warning for the next few days. The winds really whipped up the waves and it coincided with the high spring tides too. There was some coastal flooding and some really cool pictures and videos of the waves, it's been reported that the wind did most of the damage though, causing transport routes to be jammed, trees to fall, roofs to fly and so on. :p We got away with it that day. However, I was passing our barometer that hangs in the hall and one part of the afternoon the pressure fell so far it went right don't past stormy and the needle was almost off the bottom of the scale, a record low for that thing to measure.

Tuesday I had to go into uni, I managed to miss most of the bad weather though, it was only drizzling when I went out and the bus was nice and warm. I was in uni quite late, I loose track of time easily. Anyway, it must have been about 4:30pm and suddenly the sky turned black and it went very dark, then winds got up and bloomin' heck, you should have seen the rain sweeping around everywhere, I'm glad I wasn't traveling home in that. At 4:45 the sun came out and it was still throwing it down, this formed probably the brightest, most defined rainbow I think I've ever seen, as Dad said, I should have had a camera. The rain stopped soon after and I managed to get the bus back home, it just started raining again as I was getting in the door. So I was very lucky. :p

Today and last night it was the turn of Northern Ireland, Wales and England as well as southern Scotland, to get the wind, from the weather, me and D. were in the red area, but only just. :p
I get hit by wind more than Duragan. anyway, I live on a hill and there isn't much to stop the wind blowing at the front of the house, maybe a another hill few miles away. I hope your garage is OK, Duragan. Well it was very windy and wet, I was woken up by several bumps in the night, and the roof was creaking like something else. Luckily it's made to bend in the wind, which so it causes all the wood in it to creak, but it still sounds bad. XD It knocked the bin over last night, that falling woke me. Also the green house has moved again, it's a lot more free now, earlier in the year the wind hit it and sheared some bolts off of it, so now it's free to move around some more. Nothing much out of the usual for this year is happening, it's just much harder to stay standing if you go out the house, the motorways down the road are also closed, and some lorries were blown over last night while crossing the viaduct.

Well enough of all that, you can tell I get exited about all this sort of thing. XD

Now onto uni, not much to report there, just doing lots of coursework, will hopefully be handing in my terms of reference soon too so I can get my final year project under way, just waiting on someone to get back to me.

That was quick, here's something more important than the above and that is in the form of a shark. XD Steven asked me to be his BF so I happily said "yes!" :D I might as well announce it. :p We've been together for a bit. However, he didn't ask me till the other day.

Then there is Lynn, BlizzardLynn has become my partner in Second Life, I asked Steven if I could and he trusts me to be careful enough with it, so I'm in SL giving Lynn some support now. :)

I suppose the last thing on my list is I've decided to scrap my sheezy art account, I went off it a while ago when all my artwork suddenly went missing. However, now there is nothing, not even an avatar on my page, so I may pet it up again, but not any time soon. :s

See ya around,

Busy with Stuff

Hey all,
Sorry about post a journal having not read any yet, I've been a busy little dino, I will read them eventually, here's some of the events that I've been up to recently. They seem like buses, you wait ages, then two come at once. :p

Well, on Wednesday I went over to see a shark again at his flat, played video games and saw some videos of the tournaments that he goes to, it was also the first time I've driven there since I had that accident, well it went a lot better this time anyway. :p I was a bit late due to a traffic jam on the motorway, it was moving though so it wasn't so bad. It was easy enough coming back, there was hardly anything on the roads on the way back, then once I got back in Bolton it was just the usual drive. I had a really good day. :) It was mrawr.

On Thursday, it was of course Thursday, I mean Valentine's day and if you're not on SL or didn't know, the Lindens put on this event I'm a volunteer so at about 3pm my time I popped down to the island, it took a while it was so busy, once I arrived I immediately got a kiss off a nice lady. XD Despite me having a dinosaur avatar. :p The rest of the afternoon, evening and night were just as good, I got loads of hugs and quite a few kisses. I also got to hug a few Lindens, quite a few came by. :p At times there were over 80 people on the sim, luckily it was one of the new havok 4 sims and although the sim went very slow with the huge amount of avatars, it never crashed once. It certainly was a popular event. :p I made a few new friends while I was there, got invited to the mental mentors group. :D Also I met Mozy Pera who was a journalist covering the event she has a nice write up. She came over to my land yesterday for a chat with me and Lynn, Lynn ended up showing her loads of avatars and I have only three, so I got through mine quickly. :p

I'm starting to get into the swing of things at uni now, two of the modules are about programming in Java, I pretty much know about it all anyway. :p For my final project I've been talking with a few tutors but I think I've found the one I'd like to do. I've applied to do it and I'm not sure if I should say what it is. As far as I know I should get it, as I've not been told that anyone wants to do it. :p
My other tutor who was on about SDF:IRC last week didn't say anything more on the subject and I won't be handing in any of its code, I had a look at the agreement and whenever I hand anything in it becomes property of uni.

On a little note I've finally done my web site layout, it should now look better in IE 7. :p I also upgraded all the apache and PHP stuff the other day, one thing I haven't done in a while is check the r server uptime.
1:07pm up 236 days 19:07, 1 user, load average: 0.75, 0.91, 0.84
Woo 236 days, that's not bad for a crummy little PC sitting downstairs with no UPS or anything.

Programming and uni and RE-SULT!

Hey all,

I thought I'd do a little update about things.

Firstly, results, the results of the last semester are up on the uni web site, I'm not sure if they're the final results as they can change.
Visual Programming 2: A
Building Office Applications: A
Professional Issues: C

W00t I passed everything! :D

Also, for some reason I decided to upload my SDF:IRC project to uni, it takes 30 mins to build via the VPN. XD But anyway, in one of my lectures yesterday the tutor went off on a coffee break and one of the students was stuck with some areas of code. I opened the SDF:IRC project as I knew he'd probably see it working better in there. He got interested so I showed him the screen shots page I posted previously. Then the tutor came in and was also interested.
The tutor said I might be able to submit SDF:IRC as my project for data structures and algorithms, which would make things easier. :p
Just thinking about it now, I don't know if it would be good, I mean the project he wants isn't going to be more than 200 lines, SDF:IRC is about 17,000 and I need to read the uni agreement too, I don't want them nicking off with my code because if I hand it in I might be signing ownership over to them.

After the rest of the lecture ended, me and the tutor talked more. Yes, lots about coding and stuff like that, but also about the possibility of using platforms like eclipse RPC to help with the plug-ins, I've had a look and it looks really good. I'm not sure how much it'd be worth doing though as I've got my own small plug-in API in place already and also SDF:IRC is nearly ready for beta, I don't want to delay it much more.

If I were to use eclipse plug-ins I'd be able to deploy it a lot easier, I also would be able to use some quite advanced libraries without having to create my own, like I have been doing. The downside is that I'd now have to get used to using all this new stuff.

If you have any thoughts, you might as well post them. :p

See ya,
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RAWR! Guess who's B-day it is. :p

... and yes, you guessed it, probably, tis mine! :p

Though I really turn 22 at 16:55 GMT. :p

So far have quite a few cards, got a little pocket money too. My brother has got me some DVDs and from my Mum and Dad I got a nice new gfx tablet, so I can draw on things. XD

I'm having a bit of a party (really a meal) with friends on Saturday though. Yes mister D. will be there and so will a shark and other friends too. My sister is coming down from Scotland too, so it should be all fun. Keeping it all local and English, we're planning on going out down our local Indian restaurant. :p Then back to mine for cake, if we can eat any more, :p and then watch a DVD, I've amassed quite a collection to choose from over Christmas and now I have two more. :p

Should be a real hoot. :D

*Runs off all excited!* XD


Post Script: for the peeps that have been keeping up with SDF:IRC, I've completed the user dialogue and have also got a small right click context menu for the channel user lists so you can get to it. Basically, it does a WHOIS and parses out the required informations. :)

Also, I placed in a webby welcome page, Linuxy screen shot here. It does pretty much what the old welcome screen did, though this time you can browse in the IRC links (off screen in the shot,) and view web sites like #IRCHelp. Also the client is able to send a version ID to the web server so it can check for updates, though as you can see I haven't got that working, it isn't a high priority really.

Stuff XVI - Language and Holiday Coding

Hey all, giving a little update. :)

On Language
This is after something that happened yesterday, but has been happening for ages. My Mum for whatever reason has started to forget the names of objects, instead she uses this other language to name them, which only seems to have three words.
I said yesterday that this new language should be written somewhere for reference. This is what I've managed to figure out so far:

* Thingy = Summer House
* Thingy-mabob-thingy = Graphics tablet

As you can see it's quite a cryptic language. :p A lot of work is still needed.

On Holiday
I'm still on holiday for another week!
Yeah, I thought it was odd that I hadn't received a new timetable from uni yet, so I looked up the student timetable on line and found that due to all the inductions they're doing we have an extra week off. :D Yay!
This has given me more time to do some coding, so I've been doing more IRC client stuff. Yesterday I got a channel searching feature up, also it allows you to do the search on a web IRC search engine too. I have also created a better way of filtering incoming messages, so now objects can register filters with a server and they will get notified upon any messages getting triggered. However, if anything more complex were needed you'd still need to create a plug-in, it's useful for requesting details from the server though.

The road map that my tracker keeps shows that I have about 87% completed this thing now. then it'll be mostly ready, just a few things missing that I'll put in, then release it as beta.

OK, I think that's about it for now, see ya,

Unexpected Surprise

Hey all, sorry I've not been reading LJ's much, been quite busy. :p
Well below is a post I made on DA.

Today I just woke up and had a surprise, remember ages ago I said about winning a prize pack from an Internet radio station, Play Radio UK. Well I wasn't expecting it because I thought I might have missed out on the chance by not getting my address in soon enough before Christmas. But I woke up today and there was a big box waiting on the stairs addressed to me. I've just opened it and it's full of music CD's, some DVD's, sticker books and a Bratz notepad. XD

Well, that was a surprise. XD

Also some other stuff: I'm redesigning, or at least planning on redesigning the house on my SL land, we've had the same house there for over a year now. :p
Also in SL, LL have banned banks, I'm sure you knew that as everyone keeps banging on about it. However, I wanted to point out the the WSE is still ok, so please don't cause a bank run on it. :p
insane, wtf, crazy

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas all! :D

Saying that the family were moaning that I didn't want anything for Christmas and that was annoying, they still managed to get me stuff. XD

I got Chocolates, my brother's girlfriend got me a large bottle of lager with it's own beer cooler/chiller thing. I got new shoes to replace the ones that were falling to bits, new slippers to replace the ones that were falling to bits and new clothes to replace the ones that were falling to bits. I got my laptop battery so I can now use my laptop again for more than ten mins. Also, got a car adaptor for it. :)
My sister and her BF got me a DVD of series 1-3 of Bottom, which is awesome, my brother also got me a family guy DVD. :) I got some CD-Rs and also another beano, the 2008 one, I have every beano annual since 1995, so I have to have one every year, it's just something that always happens. XD

I did well. :p

See ya all around and merry Christmas. :) :p